poop transplants

ok so i was watching dr oz today and on came a story about poop transplants in order to cure gastrointestinal ills   so while i was initially as disgusted and turned off as the next person would be i was also intrigued so of course i had to listen to find out what this was all about it turns out that a poop transplant can be used to help patients who suffer from ibs and a host of other related illnesses the more i watched as grossed out as i i may have been i thought this actually makes sense the gastroenterologiss way of explaining it was this the patient finds there own doner ie a friend or relative etc  someone they know is healthy and  has no diseases of course the doner brings the poop to the doctor who then puts it in a blender and then pumps the poop up the patients butt the theory is that the good bacteria that is in the healthy persons poop would now be ab le to do its work getting rid of the harmfull  bacteria that has taken over in the patients intestines due to over prescribed antibiotics while i suffer from ulcerative colitis i can see why someone would want to do this if it really works and they had patients on to say that they have been cured from there ills due to the procedure so what is your take on this is it any more disgusting to have someones poop transplanted into another person if it can save or just give back the quality of llife to the patient as getting a heart or other organ transplant would be and why


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